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5 days/4 Nites @ Jakarta & Bandung in April 2009

With my mama @ Soekarna Hatta Airport
From left Nadia, me & Aleen...This pic taken @ MONAS
Last April 2009 i went to Jakarta/Bandung with my Mom, Aleen, Nadia, her mom & her Aunt…We really had a pleasant trip..Here are the itinerary:-

2 April 2009 (KL - Jakarta)- Reached Soekarno Hatta Airport around 6pm
- Took a MPV (Rp150,000) to Hotel Ibis Kemayoran (Rp308000/room/nite)
- After check in & refreshment we went to The Atrium for dinner & 1st window shopping. Take a Blue Bird taxi cost (Rp10000/trip)
- Back to hotel around 10pm & sleepZzzz..Kumpul tenaga utk next day trip…

3 April 2009 (Jakarta - Bandung)- Early morning wake up can’t wait to go to Bandung.
-Took a Blue Bird Taxi to Cipaganti Station (Rp20000/trip)
- We bought a ticket through Cipaganti transport (Kia Pregio) to Bandung (Rp75000/pax).
- From Jakarta to Bandung takes about 3hrs…Not really enjoy the scenery along the way…Highway saja ma…tp yg bole notice is begitu byk Dunkin Dounats & Giant time otw tu…Agaknya org indon mmg suke makan donut kot…hahaha…
- Reached Bandung around 1pm.Unfortunately Bandung starts raining heavily.Quite hard to find a cab during that time summore is Friday.Luckily the Cipaganti staff (ensem jugak mamat ni) at Bandung station help us to call a taxi.
- About 30mins later baru taxi smpai…we check in at Caryota Hotel(Rp280000/room/nite)…Ok gk hotel ni under budget & comfortable.
- After refreshment we headed to Pasar Baru Bandung. Take a cab (Rp20000/trip).
- At that time dh pukul 3pm and we only have about 3hrs to cover shopping at Pasar Baru…Tutupnya pukul 5pm…
- Pasar Baru ada 7level mmg tak bole nk round habes la…kt situ dh stuck coz dh rambang mata tgk baju kebaya, kurung kerawang & etc.
- Sempat grab 1 kebaya kerawang (Rp150000)+Kurung Kerawang (Rp150000)+ 3pasang telekung (Rp150000).
- Around 6pm we back to hotel for refreshment.
- After that we take a walk to Paris Van Java. Lebey kurang 10mins walk from our hotel.Kt Paris Van Java mmg happening la a lots of coffee house cam starbuck, Man U cafe & etc.Kt situ gak ada Sogo…time tu mmg tgh sale..bayangkan Nine West punya heel 50% baru RM150++…Then Aunty nadia bought JLo perfumes RM120 kot if tak salah la..time tu ala2 happy hour…but nothing interest me there…hanya sekadar menjamu mata…
4 April 2009 (Bandung)- After had a breakfast provided by the hotel, we wait for abang Jazzy (tourist guide).we hire him for the tour.Unfortunately he has some urgent matter & cannot come on 9am as per the mean time wait for him, i walked to Rainbow FO just nearby from our hotel…only next to Sukajadi hotel.I bought 2 Esprit shirt (Rp124000).heheehe…
- Around 10.30am abang Jazzy came then only we start our shopping trips.
-1stly we headed to the famous FO which is Rumah Mode. I really like the deco.very stylish…from there dh start rambang mata rasa cam sume nk grab…i bought 1 Esprit shirt (Rp89000)+2 long sleeve t shirt (Rp158000).
- Then we went to Dago area.Kat sini la mmg heaven gila rasa sume nk beli…can’t remember all the FO’s yg i step in…antaranya Edward Forer, Jetset, Victoria & etc…all the stuffs mmg murah gila…i bought 2 MNG tshirt (Rp178000) +2 blouse (Rp200000)+1 Esprit Jacket (Rp89000)+1 Esprit shirt (Rp79000)…
- After that we went to Diaz…kt sini mmg syurga handbag…all the branded imitation gred A…i admired 1 Channel handbeg but that cost about RM400++…mahal la…from Diaz, we went to Kartika Sari…1 of the famous brownies in town…kt Kartika Sari sempat beli 1 cheese brownies (Rp35000)+2 choc brownies (Rp48000).
- At this point, sume mmg dh tired gila…lagipn dh pukul 8pm…we need to rush back to Jakarta at the same day…takot smpai midnite plak nnt…Lastly we end up to buy Amanda Brownies b4 we left Bandung.. 3 choc brownies (Rp54000)+1 cheese brownies (Rp28000).
- We left Bandung around 9pm and about 11.45pm we arrive Jakarta. We checked in at Take’s Mansion hotel.Located in golden triangle area.
- Anyway just to add abg Jazzy charge us for 1day Bandung tour (Rp500000/day)+send to Jakarta (Rp300000). Some of my friends said he charge a bit high but its ok becoz he give us a very good service.
5 April 2009 (Jakarta)- We are ready to start our shopping journey @ Tanah Abang.
- Tanah Abang more comfortable compare to Pasar Baru Bandung maybe it is a new building.After we had our breakfast at the food court then we split.@ Tanah Abang u just named the item all u can get it…
- i bought a Kurung sulam 6pasang+2 for my frens (Rp250000)+Telekung (Rp150000) if kt Malaysia dijual dgn harga RM100++…I’m looking for kebaya nyoya tp kt Tanah Abang did’nt capture my eyes.More prefer @ Pasar Baru..Tp mmg tidak dinafikan kebaya kerawang kt Tanah Abang more exclusive in terms of design, material & price..5hours kt Tanah Abang mmg stil tak cukop.Even kaki dh penat then kena himpit2 ngan crowd nk shopping punya pasal sume jadi Ok…
- Lepas penat kt Tanah Abang we headed to Mangga2 lak…Kt sini my mum & me dah tak larat nk explore…we just walk 2floor saja….here famous if u wanna buy wedding stuffs.all the beads, sequince mmg murah…i smpat beli 2 beads necklace (Rp10000).ada 1 kedai ni sell all the dress…ala red carpet then ngan diamonds, beads…cantek bangat dong…tak beli pn sekadar jamu mata…
- Petang around 6pm we went back to hotel for refreshment.
- Lepas dh recharge balik energy now we went to the shopping complex..1st g plaza indo…aduyaii beyond our standard…just a few steps only the we walked out.mmg all the international branded items & even some of the brands tadak kt Malaysia pn. Then we went to Sarinah Mall..kt sini pn tadak yg menarik…just lepak kt Mc’D with my mom…nk ilangkan keletihan.
- Around 10pm we went back to hotel…mmg sume dh tak bermaya…tetapi kami bertiga (nadia,aleen&me) berposing2 sket kt hotel…baru kami realize that mmg kami takdak snap pix pn bersama…so suddenly we plan ajak Abang Jazzy g jalan2 wanna see Jakarta Nite Life…at that time pn dh 11pm.Cam kesian gak nk ajak dia kan..for sure dia pn penat whole day drive…but we insists to go for photography session…we give him tips…He drove us to MONAS…ramai gak yg maseh berkeliaran kt situ…so ape lagi mcm2 gaya&aksi la kami posing…naseb la abg Jazzy ni sporting gak..dah penat posing dia bawak round jakarta…we all pn dah mmg mengantok at that time…lgpun esok kena bgn awal coz our flight at least by 6am dh kena gerak…so kami pn balik dah tidoooZZzz….demikianlah seharian dan semalaman kami di Jakarta.
- Cost for Jakarta tour (Rp600000/day)
6 April 2009 (Jakarta - KL - Penang)- Berakhirlah sudah trip kami di Jakarta/Bandung….
-Memang excited + enjoy trip ni and planned nk pegi lagi…tak puas jalan2…
p/s: A sPeciaL tHanx to :-
- in giving tips & guidance for this trip.
ii) Abang Jazzy
- Our Tour Guide for his service.

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