Wednesday, August 10, 2011

...COUNT ON ME ~ Bruno Mars...

Salam Ceria dan Salam 1 Malaysia

***Korang musti penah dengaq kan lagu COUNT ON ME by Bruno Mars???Dok search kt youtube terjumpa clip ni...Sangat comel la...And it flash back memories to my good old days with my BFFs...How time flies so fast...and yet we are still friends like 11 years ago...An honest friendship will remain forever no matter what happen in the middle of time...But for some other circumstances, we have to accept friends are human and human will make mistake...FORGIVE & FORGET is the best THERAPY to make sure your friendship will never end!!! I dedicated this song to MISI IENA~HAMZAH~BOBOY~FIDOS~BEDZ~HANI~ATEH ***

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